About Monster Capital

M-CAP is privately owned lending corporation located in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. We specialize in large scale financing and provide asset-based lending options for startups, expansions and acquisitions.  Our model allows us to provide clients with freedom, protection and competitive advantages. We have approved over $250 million dollars in project financing worldwide.


Our Program

At M-CAP, we hand-select each project we fund. Our process allows us to give clients 100% Project Financing at competitive rates with unique advantages.  For clients who meet our criteria, we offer:

  • 100% Project Financing
  • Starting at 3.75% Financing Options
  • 15 Year Term/20 Year Amortization
  • No Personal Guarantees
  • No Equity
  • No Prepayment Penalties

Our selected projects range from real estate, agriculture, cultivation, buy/sell acquisitions and national expansions. We’re proud to serve U.S. based companies and international projects. Please inquire to see if M-CAP provides financing in your region.

Lending Capabilities

Our program has funded major Expansions, Equipment, Startups and New Business Opportunities, as well as Commercial Real Estate Purchases and Buy/Sell Acquisitions.

Large Scale Financing

We work exclusively with large scale financing options. Our program has a $10 million minimum loan request for projects. Our process begins with a private consultation with a senior team member to screen applicants and ensure best fit for our program and funds.

Niche Market

MCAP’s funding is private and allows additional freedom for clients in niche markets.


Our selective Asset-Based approach allows us to offer clients 100% project financing without cross-collateralization or personal guarantees.

Request More Information

If you’d like more information, please submit your email or fill out the form for a consultation with our team.